Yaniv and Jeanette's "not maternity pictures" portrait preview.

My good friends Yaniv and Jeanette are about to have their first child. They asked me to take a few photos while Jeanette is sporting the baby bump, but she asked that the focus be on portraits of the two of them where she just happened to be pregnant, and not the standard "Here's my belly with some cute baby things" maternity shoot. 

We started the shoot outside the iconic Gold Dome building in Oklahoma City. Yaniv and Jeanette first met in a bar that used to be inside. The building is currently being renovated so I had to be creative with my angles to avoid the construction mess in the shots, but we were able to find several spots that worked well.

After a quick wardrobe change, we moved to a small park near the couples house. The weather was perfect with just the right amount of cloud cover and a little bit of a breeze. 

I still have plenty of photos left to process from this shoot, but I wanted to share just a few in the meantime and say congratulations to Yaniv and Jeanette on their oncoming new family member!